Maps & Directions for Ash Springs, NV



Ash Springs is located in Lincoln County, Nevada, 108 miles north of Las Vegas along US Highway 93. Ash Springs can be found 7 miles north of the small town Alamo and is clearly marked by a sign along the highway. Ash Springs is at an elevation of 3540 feet is located in the vicinity of 37.412ºN, 115.174ºW.

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A general highway map of southern Nevada and includes a red star at Ash Springs on US 93.  
An Aerial photograph of the Ash Springs Area taken in 1994. Also with some added viewing aids.
Map of Lincoln County, Nevada including Ash Springs.  
Map of Nevada, broken up into different territories. Ash Springs is in the Pioneer Territory.
Map from KVBC that shows where Ash Springs is located in Nevada.  
Geothermal Resource Map of Nevada. Shows Ash Springs. This map is very large and detailed.(2mb)