General Information about Ash Springs, NV


  • Recorded population of 151 people (seems like a lot less than that).
  • Elevation of 3540 feet.
  • Average Temperature in January is a high of 52 degrees and a low of 25 degrees
  • Average Temperature in July is a high of 99 degrees and a low of 63 degrees
  • Average Annual Precipitation of  6.61
  • Contains a series of hot/warm springs which range from about 80 to 92 degrees and remain almost constant all year.
  • The various springs combined produce roughly 9,000 gallons per minute of fresh water.
  • Vegetation in the area consists of Cottonwood trees, various grasses, small desert plants, cacti, wildflowers, and many other little weeds.
  • Wild animals seen in the area are Deer, Skunks, Raccoons, Jackrabbits, Cottontail Rabbits, Field Mice, Frogs, Hawks, Ducks, Mud Hens, many little birds, and occasionally Desert Tortoises,  Muskrats, Snakes, and Coyotes.
  • Ranching is the principal industry and on any given day you are likely to see cattle and horses grazing in the fields.
  • Military Aircraft from Nellis Air Force Base can frequently be observed with an occasional sonic boom.